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What is the AEA?

Founded in 1961, as the Lift Manufacturers' Association of Australia (LMAA), it became a major force in assisting local companies to address the dynamic changes that were occurring with the design and construction of lifts and escalators.

In 1981 the LMAA changed its name to the Australian Elevator Association (AEA) and in the same year became incorporated.


The Australian Elevator Association is an industry association committed to providing information and support to companies involved in the vertical transport industry.


What are the aims of the AEA?


To promote among its Members the highest and most efficient standard of competence in the vertical transport industry (VTI).

To promote and cultivate safety in the VTI including the safe use of lift, escalator and moving walk equipment by the public and the use of safe practices by industry personnel.

To provide information and to assist relevant international organisations that the needs of Australia are embodied into international standards.

To act on behalf of the Members of the AEA in negotiations with government, institutions, public and private organisations in matters regarding the VTI.

To promote among its Members all matters relating to the conservation of energy and reduction of harm to the environment.

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