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Levels of Membership

There are three levels of membership and a company/corporation may join at any level, subject to their eligibility, and can migrate at any time from one level to another, as specified in the AEA's Constitution.  The three levels are Executive Members, Associate Members and Technical.

Each level of membership attracts a different fee structure and as fees are subject to change, they are not published on this website.

Executive Membership bestows full voting rights on the corporation.  Executive members automatically enjoy the privileges attached to the Technical Committee as they may nominate an employee to be a member of that committee.  Nominated, authorised persons are also permitted to gain access to areas on the AEA website restricted to other members.

Technical Membership allows member companies to nominate an appropriate person to attend technical meetings and partake in discussions relating to the aims and objectives of the AEA.  They receive up to date information on a range of happenings within and surrounding the vertical transport industry, both in Australia and abroad.   Technical members have no voting rights but are permitted to use the AEA corporation logo


Associate Membership is available to those corporations who wish to be identified as a member of the AEA.  They do not have voting rights, do not qualify to attend Technical Committee meetings and are not permitted to use the AEA corporate logo.  They do have access to the secure Members' Page on the AEA website.


Who Can Join?

AEA Membership is open to Australian companies involved in all facets of the vertical transport industry, whether manufacture, installation or maintenance of lifts (elevators), escalators and moving walks.  An Australian company is defined as a company/corporation with offices in Australia, registered with the Australian Securities Commission (ASIC) with both an ACN and ABN. International companies/corporations directly involved in the vertical transport industry may also apply to join the AEA and the Executive Committee will assess each application on merit.  Companies/corporations that supply or provide equipment and/or material to the vertical transport industry are welcome to join, whether based in Australia or overseas.

How do I Join?


Want to know more?

Should you wish to know more about the AEA before completing the form, contact the General Manager on

or by phone (details on the Contacts Page).  The General Manager will help you decide on the level of membership most suitable for your needs.

Take me to the

Application Form

Initial application for membership is simple.

Complete the Application Form and press "Send".  You will be contacted to discuss your application.


What Are The Benefits?


As a member of the AEA you will be kept up to date on matters of importance to the Vertical Transport Industry (VTI). Matters such as, but not limited to, changes in international, federal and state codes, Work, Health and Safety (WHS) regulations, issues pertaining to industrial relations, industrial safety alerts.


Matters affecting Federal and State regulators are constantly reviewed and when appropriate, reported upon.  The AEA is well placed to advise on trends in these areas.

The AEA is, in its own right, a member of several organisations/associations and sits on a number of committees where it is appropriate to comment on their deliberations; and to offer support and technical advice.  These organisations include the Property Council of Australia (PCA), Pacific and Asia Lift Engineering Association (PALEA), Standards Australia (SAI Global) and SafeWork Australia (SWA).

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